Influences behind a fashion trend - Know the secret!

Fashion is everywhere and it's growing. Fast-changing fashion trends have become a norm in the fashion world today. Hence, understanding these trends' social and cultural drivers is truly important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on them.

We must understand the underlying motivations of people, that drive their fashion choices, so companies can better anticipate what will be popular in the future and adjust their brand strategies accordingly. The human behavior and psychology to follow a particular fashion trend depend on the influence.

These fashion influences can be divided into two main categories: 1. External 2. Internal

External influences: Celebrities, influencers, and other media sources can be considered as external influencers. The lifestyle of popular celebrities like actors/actresses, sports personnel, singers etc. can influence their followers. As a result, this can increase demand for any particular product or service related to them because they're seen as a signifier of social status or just being fashionable and loveable. 

Internal influences: Personal values, lifestyle choices, and emotional needs are our internal influencers. People's values and ethics have an impact on their fashion and lifestyle. Someone may prefer and not so shiny minimalistic fashion and design whereas others can prefer shiny and bright things.

Now the twist in the story is that one person can influence others and be an external influencer.
Now by considering both types of influences together, companies can better understand why certain trends become popular quickly while others don't. 
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