Palta Book Fair - Beyond an outlet!

Between 13th to 18th February 2021 we gave a popup store at Palta book fair. Probably our 1st outlet. But this is not the only purpose of this post. On the said occasion we discovered something far greater than money! Let's dig deeper..

1st we came to know about this book fair through some posters, we called the organizers, scheduled a meeting and on the 13th we were there. In-between the hardest part was accumulating the products. Yes, you heard it right! Back then we did not have books in our stock. We called one of our multi-talented friend and admirer Bivabosu and he helped us to gather multiple books. Though it is not his real name, he prefers to use this pseudonym as an artist. There are lots of friends and admirers who visited during this time and expressed their love towards almoho. We will discuss it soon. But there is another side of this story..

Kishan Andolan - (Farmer protest): The primary vision of is community development. Now if we talk about community and don't talk about the farmers' protest of that time, it would be a contradictory impression. In many ways, they teach lots of organizations how to build a movement and do the needful. Now 'Trolly times' - a four-page biweekly newspaper that represents farmers' protest at the Delhi-Haryana border is mainly published in Gurmukhi and Hindi language. Few folks from West Bengal made a generous and humble attempt to convert it into the regional language (Bengali). Our another well-wisher Mr. Tapas Biwas helped us to get those news papers - which were distributed from the retail outlet.

Now we really enjoy this unique combination of our business. Community focused, environment friendly entrepreneurial development.

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